„So what do we do?“ „Building the best water gun in the world 😎“

posted by Lea Schuhmacher
February 05, 2019

In Part 2 of her interview, Lea asked Mike for you how his typical day at Spyra Headquarters looks like – and what part of building the best water gun in the world he likes best.

Do all components fit well into the final design of Spyra One?

Lea: So what are you doing with these white water gun shells?

Mike: I am building Freddy with my colleagues. Sounds a bit weird, I know… Freddy is the sixth and final one of a series of water gun prototypes from Agnes to Bernd, Carl, Doris and Emilia. As a near-series prototype of the Spyra One, Freddy will be the model for the entire first series of our water gun.

That sounds amazing – a job where you get to build water guns every day. Is that really true? How does your typical day at work in Spyra’s Tech Team look like?

My day is usually divided into two different parts. In the morning, we have a so-called Power Hour, where we try to work quietly and allow everyone to focus on their work. I work with construction software in CAD on my computer most of this time.

In the afternoon, I mostly work on practical problems. With my colleagues, I start tests or work with parts that I have printed in the 3D printer the night before.

Working at Spyra means water, electricity and ice cream. What could possibly go wrong?*

Sounds exciting, but also like a lot of work.

Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of work. But the atmosphere is quite relaxed. There is always time for a short break in between with a Nerf fight or a Tekken match on the PlayStation.

Before Spyra, have you already gathered some experience working in your field?

In another company, I worked on the sheet metal design of a product. Here I also built near-series prototypes. This is how I got to know all relevant production parameters. And of course, my education as a mechanical engineer gave me some expertise in my field.

Since there has never been something like the Spyra One before, that’s a new challenge that needs to be solved now!

Do you have a personal highlight in developing the Spyra One?

Personally, I think the Power Shot is pretty awesome, that’s why I am really happy it was unlocked, and I love working on it! We are currently implementing the Power Shot into the Spyra One. On the one hand, we need to make sure the Power Shot is not accidentally triggered, but on the other hand, it needs to be easily accessible for the user at any time.

All the best for the final development of Spyra One then! I am excited to get to know Freddy and the Spyra One with the Power Shot very soon. Thanks, Mike!


*A lot! Which is why Mike would never do such a thing except for the picture. 😇