Spyra on Kickstarter - a Summary 📈 🚀

posted by Lea Schuhmacher
October 03, 2018
On 4th of September we successfully finished the Kickstarter campaign for Spyra One. A quick throwback:


The epic launch day

On July 26 we launched Spyra One on Kickstarter. What an epic launch day that was: After only 24:53 minutes the funding goal was already reached!

From this point on we knew, that something big would happen. 🦄

2,785 backers pledged €460,965 to help make the Spyra One become reality. That means that the Spyra One is the most successful Kickstarter project this year in Germany and is among the top 10 of all German Kickstarter projects ever.

Spyra One conquers the world

Munich, Berlin and London were the most common cities among backers.

  • Munich: 131 backers

  • Berlin:  57 backers

  • London:  42 backers

But the USA outnumbered Germany regarding backers in general. There were 1,126 backers from the United States, whereas Germany counted 833 backers.

783 backers were having their first Kickstarter experience with Spyra One.

Around 100 magazines, newspapers and online forums reported about the Spyra One. From the biggest national German TV channel to WIRED.it and Gizmodo, everybody was talking about water guns. 🌍📡




The key part: The community

And all of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for all the backers! A huge thank you to all of you: The ones who have been with us since the very beginning, the ones that have pledged just in time before the campaign finish and everybody in between!


Let’s make the water gun revolution happen! 💥💦