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How is the Spyra One different from any other water gun?

Spyra One turns your water fights into a blast as it shoots individual water bullets that clearly hit your opponents up to 14m (46ft) away. With the integrated pump, the tank display and 100% pressure from the first to the last shot, you will have epic water battles like never before.

How much water does the Spyra One shoot with an individual water bullet?

Water bullets from the Spyra One are 26ml (0,88 fl.oz.).

How is the Spyra One's water tank pressurized?

The Spyra One automatically pressurizes the water with 2.4 bar (35 psi) in the tank during refilling. There is no need for muscle-torturing and time-consuming pumping anymore and you still have 100% pressure from the first to the last shot.

How do I refill Spyra One's water tank?

To fill up the tank just hold the tip of your Spyra One in clean water and push the refill button. In 10.0 seconds the tank of the Spyra One fills itself automatically. Needless to say, we have prepared a video for our community to demonstrate the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGJd6wXO1ms&list=PLJOV2oQK6ADmymDhPqeJZFgR87WWMXcko&index=2

What is Spyra One's digital display for?

Spyra One’s digital display always shows the exact volume of water in the tank (in %). This way, you can use the water in your tank most effectively in a water battle. In addition, the display shows the battery status, so you never forget to recharge after a day of water fights.

How long does the battery last and how do I recharge it?

The Spyra One has an integrated lithium-ion-power battery which can be charged with the included USB-C cable. Thanks to this, you will never have to rebuy any batteries. You can charge your Spyra One for a full day of action-loaded gameplay. This includes about 1200 shots and 50 full fillings of the tank. 

Is the Spyra One waterproof?

All components of the Spyra One are individually protected agains water damage. The Spyra One itself is water permeable.

How big is the Spyra One?

The length of the Spyra One is 62 cm (24.5 in), the height is 20 cm (7 in) and the width is 7 cm (2.8 in). 

What colors will the Spyra One be available in?

You can pick your favorite of two team colors: red or blue!

Is it safe to play with the Spyra One?

It is more fun to hit others with water than being hit, but we extensively tested this and found that a hit with Spyra One just feels cold and wet in most cases. You can clearly sense a shot with the Spyra One but without it being hurtful. To avoid injury make sure to use clean tap water only and do not aim at eyes or face. We also recommend using our very own Spyra sunglasses from our shop for your waterfight.

Can I use the Spyra One to shoot at animals that annoy me?

You should not aim any of your shots with the Spyra One at animals. We can only support a gameplay that is fun for all participants. In any case, it is more fun to use the Spyra One to protect your grilled steak from your friends.

Do I have to do any maintenance for my Spyra One

We have designed the Spyra One in a way that allows maintenance with the least amount of effort. Please be sure to mind the following maintenance rules: empty the tank when your done using your Spyra One (this way there will remain no unnecessary pressure in the product). When storing your Spyra One for winter be sure to empty the tank completely and charge the battery to around 80%. 

What is the range of the Spyra One?

Spyra Ones water bullets have a target range of 12m (39ft) using the usual shot and 14m (46ft) using the power shot (45° shooting angle)

How much water does the tank of the Spyra One hold?

Spyra One’s tank holds 24 water bullets or 625 ml (21 fl oz.). You can always check the display to know how many water bullets you have left in the tank.

Do I need to buy extra CO2 cartridges to use the Spyra One?

Spyra One’s tank automatically pressurizes the water during the refill process in the tank. Everything you need for using the Spyra One is included with delivery.

Will there be a water tank backpack to refill the tank on the fly?

Water tank backpacks? That’s so 1990. There’s a lot you can do with 24 shots. We tested it! The quick refill solution with the automatic, integrated pump in combination with full control with the digital status display will help you stay fueled in any crucial situation.

Do I need to buy extra batteries to use the Spyra One?

There is no need to buy any batteries for the Spyra One since it uses a rechargeable integrated battery. 

Is the battery exchangeable?

We have constructed the Spyra One with an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion-power battery which will never need replacing.

What are the temperatures that Spyra One can handle?

We have done some intense testing on the Spyra One within relevant temperature ranges. You can safely operate your Spyra One between temperatures of  0°C (32°F) and  60°C (140°F).

How much does the Spyra One weigh?

The Spyra One weighs 1.8 kg (3.9 lb) with an empty tank and  2.55 kg (5.6 lb) with a filled tank. 

Can you add a picatinny rail/laser sights/shoulder strap holders/other equipment?

The Spyra One has been designed to bring our community maximum joy. That is why we have decided against tactical rails which would allow the installation of military equipment. There is, however, enough space to install your action cam.

Can the Spyra One be filled with other liquids than water?

We recommend you to only use clean tap water to fill up your Spyra One. All other liquids can have a negative impact on its durability. With improper use the Spyra One can loose its warranty. 

What happens if I pump my Spyra One with dirty water/ocean water?

We recommend filling your Spyra One with clean tap water only. Nevertheless, we have integrated a particle filter for your convenience. This filter prevents leaves and small particles from disrupting your gameplay. So if you want to use your Spyra One out in the wild - no worries!


How do I identify hits in a waterfight?

Any light-colored shirt that turns dark in contact with water (most cotton shirts for example) is perfectly suitable for a water fight with the Spyra One. The advantage is that the hits are clearly visible during the water fight and you can quickly play another round after the water hits have dried (or faded a little bit). Check out our colleague Marvin who bravely let us demonstrate how a hit looks and feels in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrA5CedziG4

Can I interrupt the refill process when I am attacked during a water fight?

Team Spyra has designed the Spyra One in a way that allows you to pause the filling of the tank at any time. The Spyra One is ready for action immediately after pausing the filling process.

Can I use colored water with the Spyra One?

You can use any waterbased color to dye the water for your waterfight. This does not hold any problems for the Spyra One. This option can be used for tournaments or if you have a lot of T-Shirts for changing after each waterfight. We recommend using light colored T-shirts on which water water marks can be seen clearly. At the moment, Team Spyra is working on a new and innovative hydrosensitive jersey which will take the Spyra Gameplay to the next level.

Will 24 shots suffice for a serious water fight?

The Spyra One is not like any other watergun. It is designed for tactical gameplay. Therefore, one of the most important parameters is the amount of shots available. Team Spyra has done some tremendous testing and decided on 24 to be the ideal choice.


I am a Youtube/Instagram influencer with more than 100,000 fans. Can I get a prototype to test it for my fans/followers? I am a Youtube/Instagram influencer with more than 100,000 fans. Can I get a prototype to test it for my fans/followers?

Sounds great! Please send us an e-mail to business@spyraone.com with your profile, your engagement rate and your target audience.

I'm interested in writing about Spyra One. Do you have a press kit?

Yes, please find our press material on www.spyraone.com/press. For any further information or media inquiries please contact press@spyraone.com.

I own an arena or outdoor area where I would like to host Spyra One battles in. Will you consider a rental model?

Arenas hosting Spyra One water battles would be our dream come true! Our business development team is working on establishing a network to kick off this model in major cities around the globe – get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming part of it (business@spyraone.com)!

Shipping & Legal

Is the Spyra One legal in my country?

We have studied all relevant regulations in detail in order to make sure that Spyra One can legally be played with like any other water gun toy in all countries we are shipping to. Of course, we cannot foresee any future changes or regulations but we will do our best to stay updated on that topic


Where in the world did this crazy idea of a high-tech water gun come from?

Back in 2015, Sebastian could not find a decent water gun for a boat ride with his friends. Deeply disappointed about the demise of the water gun industry since its glorious days in the 1990s, he decided to do something about it. That’s when the idea for the Spyra One was born. Today, a team of 11 people is working in the headquarters in Munich, Germany to make the vision of the best water gun a reality.

I have seen the Spyra One for 14.99 Euros on the internet - is that for real?

No, this is a scam! The Spyra One can be purchased on our official website only (www.spyraone.com/shop). Several scam sites were illegally using our material to promote an outrageous fake offer.
Unfortunately, getting those off the internet is a difficult process. You can help us by always reporting such fake ads as "scam" to Facebook/Instagram as soon as you see them. This should prevent others from losing money from the fraud.

How can I join Team Spyra?

Construction, production, marketing or sales: We are always looking for talented and skilled people. Just shoot us an email at jobs@spyraone.com and tell us:

- What topic and field you are interested in

- When you would like to start your thesis/project

Our favorite insults

My 1990s Super Soaker had a lot more pressure and capacity than your Spyra One. You suck!

And in the 1990s, we loved them, too! But it is 2020, and we think it’s time for the next generation in the world of water guns.

All Kickstarters are fraud, and you are just a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings trying to rip off honest working people!

You caught us, damn! And now ten people spent two years of their lives in a shabby lab working on this elaborate rip-off, all for nothing. Next time we will pick a fraud that is less hard work.