Spyra's technical Specifications

You want to dive deeper into the world of Hightech water guns? Not a problem! Here are some technical specifications for you:

  • Weight: Empty: 3.97 lbs / full: 5.62 lbs [1.8kg / 2.55 kg]
  • Pressure: 35 psi [2.4 bar]
  • Amount of shots for one pumping cycle: 23 - 25 shots (full tank)
  • Shooting range: 45° angle = 26ft [8m] ; powershot = 39ft [12m]
  • Amount of water per shot: on average 0.88 fl.oz. [26ml] with 21.13 fl.oz. [625ml] in the tank
  • Tank volume: 21.13 fl.oz. [625ml]
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh (14.4V medium voltage)
  • Charging cycles: after 50 fillings/1200 shots

Spyra Performance Videos

For a hightech product, durability is of high importance. Therefore, we have put together some performance tests for you:

From Prototype to Spyra One

To build the best water gun in the world, development is key! This is the evolution of the Spyra One:

Prototype 1.0 (Feb. 2016)

Features & Facts:

  • First mobile and functional prototype with a constant pressure unit
  • Deadweight: 2,130g
  • Length: 86cm

Prototype 4.1  (Feb. 2017)

Features & Facts:

  • Stable, mobile prototype, which has all key functions
  • Deadweight: 2,640g
  • Length: 60cm

Prototype 4.2 (Jul. 2017)

Features & Facts:

  • Optimized mobile prototype with better weight, charging mechanism and integrated electronic
  • Deadweight: 1,590g
  • Length: 54cm

Prototype 5.0 (Jul. 2017)

Features & Facts:

  • First visual design prototype

What not to do with the Spyra One

Here are some things you should avoid doing with your Spyra One:

  • Do not store the Spyra One in temperatures outside a range of 32°F and 140°F [0°C - 60°C]
  • Do not fill up the Spyra One with any other liquids than clean tap water
  • Do not throw the Spyra One
  • Do not use or immerse the Spyra One fully under water
  • Do not drop the Spyra One
  • Do not aim for eyes
  • Do not shoot at animals

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