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About Spyra

Spyra One is the first water gun to shoot powerful, individual water bullets instead of a single stream of water. Each water bullet equals the amount of a shot glass and clearly hits targets up to 7 meters (23ft)/Powershot 9 meters (30ft) away. The maximum range of the Spyra One is 13 meters (43ft)/ Powershot 15 meters (49ft). The tank holds 24 water bullets which are presented as volume in percent on its digital display.

An automatic integrated pump refills and repressurizes the Spyra One in just 10.0 seconds when its front tip is held into water.

There is no need to pump up the water gun anymore: a special tank technology guarantees full pressure and range from the first to the last shot. The Spyra One is powered by a rechargeable, integrated battery that lasts for a whole day of playing. Spyra One is also the first water gun in the world to enable immersive tactical teamplay without the need of expensive supplies. With Spyra One, anyone can start a water fight anywhere.


Company & Founders

The Spyra project was started in 2015 by water gun visionary and product designer Sebastian Walter.

He was later joined by Marius Rudolf, sales expert and supply chain manager. Twelve team members in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as communications and marketing currently support the founding team.

Spyra’s headquarters are located in the heart of Munich, Germany.

Sebastian Walter (35)

Co-Founder & CEO

Sebastian graduated in 2010 with a B.Eng. in International Game Architecture and Design. Since then, he freelanced as prototype and product designer for well-known corporations such as AMG, Bosch and BMW both in Germany and abroad.

Besides designing high-tech premium cars or water guns, he has a passion for creative projects and is co-founder of a company focused on interactive art installations. 

Marius Rudolf (29)

Co-Founder & CSO

Marius graduated with an M.Eng. in Industrial Engineering from Munich’s University of Applied Sciences in 2017, following his childhood dream to become a LEGO engineer.

After gathering relevant industry experience as an engineering consultant in Russia and the US, today the passionate entrepreneur channels his excitement about new and fun tech projects into his role as sales genius for Spyra One.