Spyra Genesis

Dec 22, 2021

If you are old enough to have witnessed (parts of) the 90s, you might remember that there was a time, when all of a sudden products started to be transparent. Maybe it was the transparent Game Boy Colour that kickstarted that, but instantly it was everywhere.

We had something similar in mind with a special batch to be remembered. And because we are not shy when it comes to naming things, we decided to call this batch of super limited items the SpyraGenesis as in the beginning and here is how it went down:

On the first morning, before we kicked off mass production of our SpyraTwo, we had in mind to go off-script and slip in a special order that was to be worked on first. Andrew from Tech had ordered a small quantity of transparent material and so we told the team and the workers that mass production would take a minor detour because we first needed to make the small batch of SpyraGenesis. And we sure as hell quickly packed it all together, because of their level of awesome, the SpyraGenesis were drawing way too much attention.

It surpassed our expectations: the epic design with a nostalgic touch, is fascinating. If you happen to use them, you can see the inner working move while you play. The purpose was clear for the Spyra Team. We want to give away this limited edition to you, our SpyraFans.

Many of you know the history of Spyra, you were always excited about what we did and are an important part of our journey. Now, it is time for us to give you a treat and give away our strictly limited 24 SpyraGenesis. It’s not offered for sale but will be raffled by us during the year.

To prove the number of pieces and the unique item, we created a separate certificate for each water gun. Each of them is signed by our CEO, Sebastian Walter. And no – not even he could keep one of them, because rules are rules. So yes – if you win the SpyraGenesis say 1 out of 24, that means that you have the first SpyraTwo ever made in..ever.

SpyraGenesis is not only perfect for an epic water battle with your friends, but also an extraordinary collector’s item.



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Enhance your game.
Upgrade to the next level!

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