The fun is here: say hi to the SpyraGO™ our entry model for kids and kidults.

Mar 26, 2024

🔫 Hey water warriors and adventure seekers! Are you ready for a game-changing water-blasting experience that transcends generations?

Well, get ready to meet the SpyraGO™– the ultimate entry model for Kids and Kidults that's set to redefine how we experience water battles!Setting the Stage: The Birth of SpyraGO™

Let's dive into the roots of SpyraGO™ – a brainchild born out of the passion to create a water blaster that combines precision, innovation, and is the first SpyraBlaster suitable for all ages.

The Spyra team envisioned a product that would cater to both the young hearts and those young at heart – the Kidults.The Kidult Lifestyle: More than Just Water Fights!

We all know that kids are the masters of imaginative play, turning the simplest things into epic adventures. But what about the Kidults – those adults who refuse to let go of the thrill of childhood? Enter SpyraGo, designed to bridge the gap and provide an exhilarating experience for every age group.


  • Single-Shot Technology: SpyraGo is not your average water gun, it's a precision tool for water warriors. Each shot hits the mark with unmatched accuracy and power, ensuring you dominate the battlefield.
  • LED-Indicator: Stay in the water-blasting groove with the LED-powered vibes. The indicator not only showcases primed blasts but also keeps you informed about the battery status, ensuring uninterrupted fun.
  • Clear Tank: No more squinting to check your water level. The clear tank lets you see the water level at any time, making sure you're always ready for the next adventure.
  • Express Reload via Tank Slider: Reload with lightning speed! The tank slider feature allows you to snap up and refill from any water source, keeping the fun going without missing a beat.
  • USB-C Powered: Charge up for epic battles! The SpyraGO™ provides a fully charged capacity for up to 9000 water blasts – ensuring you're always armed and ready to GO.
  • Hydro Exit: The SpyraGO™ features a quick-dry system, to avoid the feeling of a water leaking water blaster.
  • Strap-Fix: To keep it secure and comfortable!

 Ready, set, #LetsGOSpyra! Grab your SpyraGO™ now and turn every water battle into a thrilling adventure! Share your adventures using #SpyraGO and let the world know that water battles just got an upgrade. 💦🔫

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Enhance your game.
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Enhance your game.
Upgrade to the next level!

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