The perfect holiday gadget: Go on adventures with the SpyraBlasters

Jun 03, 2023

Team Spyra has some feeling that summer 2023 is going to be legendary! Of course, you can just block a lounger with your towel and lie around on your towel all day. Or you can grab some cool gadgets – just as the SpyraBlasters – and turn your summer day into a unforgettable one.


Summer at home: Make the most of it.

In Germany we have a term for this: “Urlaub in Balkonien” (eng. holidays on the balcony). Even though a holiday at the beach, in the mountains or in the city always brings adventure and something new, a holiday at home can also be exciting. You just have to get creative and not fall into the rut of lying in the sun every day and doing nothing.

So how about a water battle? Or a trick shot challenge? Or maybe you just need a cool down (or your siblings do). As you may know, the SpyraBlasters are literally made for summer adventures. And it doesn't matter where exactly you are.

With a little bit of brain power, you can all let your imaginations run wild.

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Summer abroad: How to take your SpyraBlaster with you

We fully understand that you want to take your SpyraBlaster with you to your AirBnB at the beach – if you have some leftover space in your luggage. And if you’re a proud owner of the SpyraLX: Congrats! You will have the fun of your life in that AirBnB.

But if you got yourself a SpyraTwo or Three, there cooould be some obstacles due to the integrated battery. The electrical SpyraBlasters have the certification to be sent by airmail. Officially, however, they are not allowed to be transported in any passenger aircraft because of the regulations.

Our batteries are certified with UN3480, as soon as we install them they are UN3481 certified. Only when the battery is installed, and thus UN3481 certified, may it be transported in a commercial aircraft. However, lithium-polymer batteries may rarely be packed in checked baggage, as they are considered dangerous goods. Exceptions may apply with prior notification.

Unfortunately, SPYRA cannot guarantee that the airport staff will wave the SpyraTwo and SpyraThree through at the security checkpoint. Please inform yourself beforehand to so that the security people don't pull in your SpyraBlaster and fight the water battle you had planned for your holiday.



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Enhance your game.
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